How the Right Paint Makes Your Home Look and Feel Bigger

Don’t keep the same old paint color on your walls for a decade or more. Interior painters make switching wall colors easy. A new shade transforms the look of a room for an air of spaciousness you can feel. Small bathrooms open up and living rooms can feel enormous. Here’s how to choose a new interior wall color.

Interior Painters Can Add Natural Light

The key to an open-feeling room and a sense of calm is an abundance of natural light. Windows, especially higher up on walls, help accomplish this goal. However, you can increase the amount of natural light in your living space without adding windows.

Brighter colors of paint reflect light back around the room, while dark colors absorb and stow away light. Light walls, along with light textiles and furniture, can turn a cramped space into an oasis.

Color Theory Affects Your Feelings

Did you know that the wall color in a room affects your psychology? Choosing a relaxing color and hiring interior painters helps you unwind and feel less cramped in a room. Color psychology is the science of how different interior colors affect inhabitants. Here are a few colors and their effects:

  • Blue is calming. It’s great for kitchens, bedrooms and living spaces.
  • White is open, invigorating and relaxing at once, but it can look bland without accent colors.
  • Soft greens and browns are restorative.
  • Red is energetic and sensual, but it can be overwhelming in large amounts.
  • Yellow and orange are perfect accent colors, but both can induce anxiety as main colors.

When choosing a new paint color for a room, consider the mood you want to evoke and let psychology handle the rest.

Professional Interior Painters Make a Difference

Painting a room yourself is a tedious and labor-intensive project. At The Ablaze Design Group, our professional painters, designers and remodelers have the experience to bring a vision to life quickly and easily. Contact us to begin your home’s color transformation.