wallcoveringsYou’ve invested in a beautiful home and you want to make it your own but figuring out the best ways to do that in a way that adds value and elevates the style of your home can be challenging. Although paint can make a huge impact on a room, one highly effective way to elevate a space in a truly unique way is with wallcoverings. Wallcoverings such as wallpaper and murals can be used to make a bold and impactful statement or to subtly but uniquely add visual interest, texture, or contrast where you need it most. 

Whether being used in a home, office, or other business, wallcoverings instantly elevate any space. Dated forms of wallpaper and murals have gotten a bad rap but today, there are more varieties, options, and ways to customize them than ever before. No matter what the architectural style or interior design aesthetic is, there are wallcoverings that will not only seamlessly integrate but elevate the overall aesthetic of the space. 

When used in a small space like a powder room or small bedroom, wallpaper or murals take an ordinary and uninteresting space and make it into something exciting and unique. Or in a large, open space, wallcoverings are a great way to anchor a space, draw the eye where you want it to go, and even add warmth and intimacy where it would be hard to achieve otherwise. 

Install wallcoverings on every wall to transform a small space into an immersive aesthetic experience or use it strategically on one wall to add visual interest and direct the eye where you want it to go. And, if you find a wallpaper that you really love but aren’t sure how to incorporate it into the entire room, you can strategically use wallpaper as a large-scale art piece. 

The key to achieving the wallcovering results you want is in the installation process. Before installation, it is crucial to prepare the walls properly. This involves cleaning the walls, filling in any holes or cracks, and ensuring the walls are smooth and dry. Uneven walls may require additional preparation to ensure a smooth surface for installation. Work with an experienced wallcovering installer that will properly prepare your walls and install your wallcoverings correctly, ensuring the elevated aesthetic you want is achieved.

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