The Importance of Choosing the right Paint for Your Home

It’s a scientific fact that color affects mood. When painters are advising clients about applying paints to their walls and ceilings, they are considering many things. Besides the most salient aspect – color – there are lots of other things that affect nuance and tone, such as how different colors and shades mingle and reflect each other, the kind of surfaces that are being painted and the desired finish.

Painters Consider Surfaces

Whether you’re talking painted walls, ceilings, trim or even floor, the surface that absorbs the paint has something to say about the finished product. For this reason, there are different types of paint that work best on different surfaces.

Latex paint is the most popular type of paint for wood and drywall. You’ll generally treat drywall with an acrylic latex primer before applying two coats of latex paint. Oil-based paints are more effective in high-traffic areas of a home, such as hallways and playrooms for children. They’re also good choices for bathrooms and kitchens, cabinets and other types of furniture because the glossy finish makes surfaces stain-resistant and the paint can be wiped down for easy cleaning.

Painters Consider the Desired Finish

There are several types of paint finishes, each with its own unique personality. Flat and matte paint finishes are non-glossy and good for low-traffic areas of the house. An eggshell finish turns white drywall into a space where light bounces around the room. Glossy paints are good for areas that get a lot of wear and tear, like kitchens or bathrooms, since they’re easy to clean.

Painters Consider the Intended Use of the Room

Great painters will tell you that the mood of a room is in large part dictated by the colors of the walls and ceiling. After all, when you walk into a room, you become literally surrounded by it. It should inspire the feelings that you want in your home. Contact The ABL Group today with any questions that you might have about applying the perfect paints to your walls to cull out your vision.