How to Choose Trim & Ceiling Paint

How to Choose Trim & Ceiling Paint

ceiling paintWhen choosing interior paint colors, one thing that many homeowners struggle with is choosing trim and ceiling paint colors. Often, homeowners have an idea of the color they want their walls to be but then wonder if they should paint the trim the same color as the walls. And, what about the ceilings? It is not only about selecting colors that look good on a swatch but also finding shades that complement each other and create a cohesive look in your home. When choosing trim and ceiling paint colors, there is no hard and fast rule, but there are some helpful tips that can guide you in selecting.

Choosing Ceiling Paint for Your Home

Your home’s ceiling is a significant portion of the room, even if it is one that you do not pay much attention to. White paint is a safe choice for any home’s ceiling because it helps the room feel brighter while seamlessly integrating with virtually any home design and wall color. It is important to choose a shade of white paint that has similar undertones to your wall and trim color. For example, if your wall color and home decor style has warm undertones, you may want a white with warm undertones such as cream or beige. But, if your wall paint has cool undertones, it is best to choose white paint with cool undertones for your ceiling.

If you are feeling a bit bolder and want to make a dramatic and unique statement, you can opt for a contrasting color or to carry the wall color all the way onto the ceiling. This is often best in rooms with higher ceilings where a darker ceiling color will not make the room feel small or enclosed. Carrying your wall color onto the ceiling can make a room feel inviting, cozy, and peaceful by unifying the space.

Choosing Trim Paint for Your Home

When choosing a trim paint color for your home, there are a few things to consider such as the architectural style of your home, your interior design aesthetic, and the wall paint color. White is a timeless option that looks great with virtually any wall color and home aesthetic. Whether you have a traditional home or a modern home, white trim will seamlessly integrate into your home and make the color on your wall pop. Black is also an excellent and timeless option, particularly in a room where you have opted for white or very light walls. The paint color you choose for your trim should contrast or complement your walls, accenting them but not dominating them.